Scarecrow from Batman: Arkham Asylum (videogame)

Scarecrow Mask

This was a class assignment where we were to take a monster or villain and recreate a mask of them by only using common household objects.  I chose Scarecrow from the Batman series, but done in the style of one of the video games.

I created the base of the mask out of two Kleenex boxes held together by tape.  I then built up the face using cardboard pieces.  After which I made homemade playdough and covered the base in the playdough, letting the dough harden over night.  From there I cut up two Gatorade bottles and sprayed them to become the "gas mask" part of the mouth.  I finished up by painting the face and detail on the dough and added some yarn to the mouth to add depth.  To make the hood, I cut up two backpacks and sewed them together.