The Lyons

by Nicky Silver

Directed by: Derek Bertelsen

Costume Designer: Uriel Gomez

Set Designer: Jeremiah Barr

Lighting Designer: Samantha Barr

Ben Lyons is in a hospital where he is dying from cancer. His family gathers around him. They are his wife, Rita, and grown children, Curtis Lyons and Lisa Lyons.  Ben is no longer constrained by manners and says whatever he wishes, including expletives. Rita, trapped in a 40-year loveless marriage, now thinks of the future without Ben and plans to re-decorate. Lisa is an alcoholic, who has left an abusive marriage; Curtis, homosexual, has had little to do with his father, who is homophobic.

This was the Chicago premiere of this play and one of the first plays that I have designed in contemporary setting.  So it was my challenge as a designer to truly get to know these characters so that I may outfit them in what I believe would work for the characters and not just what would look good on the actors.


photos by: Emily Schwartz