The Rocky Horror Show  

 Music, lyrics, and book by Richard O’Brien

Directed by: Kara Ernst

Costume Designer: Uriel Gomez

Hair & Make up: Kellie Paccagnella Smetana 

Set Designer: Steve Barnes

Light Designer: Brian Schalk


In this outrageous rock musical (which the cult classic movie was based on), a newly engaged, clean-cut couple is stranded and seeks refuge at the Frankenstein place. Too late they learn it’s inhabited by a mad transvestite scientist, his muscular creation Rocky, and a slew of weirdos.

Since this show is such a cult classic, the director wanted to stick close to the movie version of the musical so that people who grow up on the movie can come see a show that was familiar to them, but we also knew that in order to keep this show fresh we needed a twist on the classic.  So my job was to find the nice balance between sticking to the movie costumes and branching out and bring my own flair into this cult classic.